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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

If you get locked out of your car, don't worry, it can happen to anyone. Some methods to fix the problem are more frustrating than others, no matter on how you got locked out, you need to keep clam and stay cool. Follow these tips to get your safely back in.

1. Keep clam & stay cool

Panicking is normal. You might just get lucky that one door may be unlocked so just double check all your doors before calling for help.

2. Do not break you window it would cause more damage

Breaking a car window is dangerous and cost more. Should you be trapped in a critical situation like your child or pet being locked in call the authorities for help

3. Check for spare key

Is you spare key with a loved one or a friend? Check if someone can bring it to you. Ensuring that your spare key is working or investing in a spare keys may pay itself back over time, and during a lock out you'll often be thankful you had it.

4. Call your trusted automotive locksmith

Call your trusted locksmith, Newton Auto Keys Pte Ltd 6748 9100. Best professional advise would be given to help or assist you in getting back in.

5. Stay connected

Wait at a safe location and be reachable on your mobile phone. Newton Auto Keys will get to you in no time to help and assist you.

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