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Genuine and true to their word. I got my keys done because no one country was able to cut me a new key with the chip.They did it and sent it all the way to Fiji.Was very impressed with their service. If i have to do it again i will not hesitate to contact newton auto keys. 

I was dealing with a "sticky" lock for a few months, where I had to turn my key several times before the lock responds. The problem worsened over time and worry crept in... On Thursday evening, my worst fears surfaced-- no matter how many times I turned my key, or how hard I pushed, the lock just wouldn't budge!
I drove to the Turf City shop on Friday morning and was promptly served by polite and helpful service staff. Assessment was done with the remedy of a lock replacement at an affordable price. It was swiftly replaced and tested in a few blinks ... I drove off a happy and satisfied customer, all within 15mins! Awesome stuff!! What a load off my shoulders, I should have come here a few months ago and save me all that worry! :)

Thumbs up, will definitely recommend them to anyone else in need of their services!

Kenneth Wee, Owner of Lexus ES250

After checking out the prices from a few shops for car key duplication, Newton Is one of the cheapest and their reviews online make me decided to go for them! Everything is done swiftly within half an hour. Great job, thanks Newton Auto Keys!

Went to get my key duplicated so that the wife can have her personal one. Just nice, the current promo made the flip key remote very attractive. However, programming was a problem as my alarm reset button was faulty. Rather than making me buy a new alarm module, they went all the way to partially dismantle underneath the dashboard to get to the module and rectify the problem, thereafter programme the new key remote. Very impressed by the 2 gentlemen who attended to me. Standby for more Avante Club Membera coming your way to give you business!

Meng Yew, Owner of BMW 540i

Dropped and broke my key shell, no choice but to get a new replacement. I have my previous car key duplicated with them too, so decided to go back to them this time. Very fast and efficient, the staffs are still as friendly. They are the one to go to for any car key issue!

Ng Yu Xiong, Owner of Mazda 3

I completely destroyed my remote key for my Mazda 3 2016 car. After contacting a few locksmiths, Newton's service provider is the most affordable and reliable at the same time. Mr Goh came down to my block and unlocked my car in a blink of an eye (it was locked and parked illegally below my block previously). He then proceed to reprogram the new original key and everything was completed in about 30mins. Because of my situation, Mr Goh also kindly gave me a small discount. Overall I would say Newton's automotive unlocking service is indeed a 5 star service in terms of cost and professionalism. Highly recommended!

My merc key got stuck in ignition and wouldn't turn to start, went to so many workshops to no avail and even Mercedes agent quoted me a ridiculous price for that repair. Managed to get kelvin's contact and it was one of the best decisions, he came down on that day itself just before midnight and managed to settle it within few hours for a very affordable price! Super satisfied with his capability and customer service! Kudos man!!!

Great service by Jimmy. Made a silly

mistake n destroyed my car keys. Jimmy gave a reasonable price (other companies quoted almost 3 times the price!) and came down very quickly to solve my problem.

In his own words: We come to solve people's problem and not cause more when they already so sway.

Appreciate it alot!

Ash Ameer

Changed my conventional remote to flip key.

meticulous yet remote speed work.

Newton is the key to Good price and good service.

They don't fail , just like their remote:)

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